Review Policy

My Review Policy


If you are a publisher or author who would be interested in sending me a book, please contact me using the form provided here. Please put “Book Review” in the subject line.

My acceptance of a book is not a guarantee of a review on Pretty Girls Love Books. Published reviews are my personal opinion. If you would like to use part of my review for publicity (other than a link to social media), I would appreciate if you would let me know!

If I dislike a book I have the right to not finish and/or review it.

Please only send me books relating to this blog (fashion, crafts, DIY, cooking, home decor, etc). For the purposes of review, I’m not interested in romance, erotica, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, or most fiction books. If you aren’t sure if I would be interested in your book’s topic, feel free to contact me.

I can accept books in Printed, PDF or Kindle format.

Printed copies may be later used as a giveaway or contest prize. Print review copies will only be returned if a SASE is provided.

Books provided by publishers/authors, etc will have this fact stated in the review.

Other Reviews

I also review websites, independent shops (including those on etsy, etc), patterns and products.

If you are a shop or website owner, author of a pattern or manufacturer of a product, feel free to contact me here for more information or just to let me know about it. Keep in mind that as stated above, I am only interested in reviewing things that match the topics I write about in this blog.

I am not able to review every website, shop or product manufacturer that contacts me or sends me something. I don’t charge or accept payments for website or shop reviews.

Any products or patterns may later be used as a contest prize or giveaway for my readers.

Products or patterns will not be returned. Products or patterns provided to me for review will be noted as such in a review.

Thanks! Feel free to contact me with further questions.


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