Free Planner Stickers for Book Lovers!

As my family and co-workers can tell you, I’m not always the most organized person.

Several years ago, I tried several different phone apps to help myself get organized. I quickly found out that alarm reminders, texts going off at all times and emails clogging my inbox tended to irritate instead of help me.

So I decided to go old school and get a paper planner. Influenced by all the cute Filofax decorating pictures on Pinterest (what else) I decided to get a red pocket size planner. It ended up being not big enough, so I shelled out $75 for a Tiffany blue leather personal size planner. Although I liked the fact that I could use it as a wallet and a planner, I didn’t really like the thin paper inserts. Although I loved my Filofax planner, I wasn’t using it, which ultimately defeated the purpose.

So for a while I went without one, which didn’t help either. I had two jobs with two varied schedules as well as an endless to-do list. This time I went into librarian mode and read planner reviews and looked at videos online. I had it narrowed down, when I noticed that Micheal’s had a 50% off the MAMBI Happy planner kits. I figured if it didn’t work, i hadn’t spent too much money and would at least get some cute stickers out of the deal.

I’ve had it for a little over a month and loved it. I like that it divides each day day into morning, afternoon, and evening. I am enjoying decorating it, but more importantly, I am using it effectively for to do lists, work assignments and appointments.

I found a lot of awesome Happy Planner/Erin Condren stickers online, but didn’t find any specifically for book lovers. So I decided to create some and share them with you for free! That’s right, free EC/Happy planner stickers for book lovers.

Free Book Lover Planner Stickers

The stickers are in form of a PDF and can be printed on full-sheet sticker paper. Or you can print them on regular paper, cut them in strips and put them in a Xyron Sticker Machine.

Free Planner Stickers for book lovers Pretty Girls Read Books

Free Planner Stickers for Book Lovers

I want to also say thank you to Ms. Wenduhh whose tutorial on making your own planner stickers was extremely helpful. These have been adapted from her instructions. She has lots of great tutorials as well as cute stuff for all sorts of different planners. Her blog at has a lot of freebies and is a must see for any obsessed planner owner.


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    Thank you! I love these!

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