Designing Woman

This evening in the (strangely quiet) Media Department at the Library, we have one of the two televisions on TCM, who has been saluting the late, great Lauren Bacall. The movie is Designing Woman, a rather underrated film that is a must see for anyone who loves fashion, especially from the late 50s to early 60s era.

In one scene, Bacall is wearing this dress

Lauren Bacall igiving Gregory Peck the stinkeye
Lauren Bacall giving Gregory Peck the stinkeye in Designing Woman

She and Gregory Peck are both hosting parties in a room divided by a thin sliding Japanese screen. Her flowing, feminine dressĀ is the perfect epitome of everything fashion: beautifully designed, fabulously cut, wonderfully uncomfortable looking and completely frivolous. It makes me want to move to New York and marry Gregory Peck so all of his misogynistic sports-writer buddies can make fun of my Beatnik/Fashion parties while smoking stogies and playing poker.

What do you think?