Craft Book Review: Felt-o-ween

If glitter is the herpes of the craft world, then felt is the much maligned step-child. Often relegated to crafts for summer camp or for senior citizen activities, felt’s ease of use often makes crafters underestimate its abilities. Kathy Sheldon and Amanda Carestio, also authors of the book Fa La La La Felt show how versatile this fabric can be.

Felt-o-ween has a little bit of something for everyone. The projects range from primitive country penny rugs of ghosts to day of the dead sugar skulls. If you have little experience working with felt, the authors include clear and simple explanations about felt types, embroidery stitches, and assembling the pieces. Pictures of the item from start to finish are also plentiful.

Some of the projects in Felt-o-ween.

The book contains forty projects that range from home decor, plushies, jewelry, accessories to children’s items. Scattered throughout the book are a few no-sew projects, but having basic hand-sewing and embroidery skills are required for the majority of the projects. Simple straight stitches on a sewing machine could be used for some of the larger projects such as bunting and pillows, but aren’t necessary.

One of my favorite projects in Felt-o-ween is definitely the Snotty Monster Soap Dispenser. It’s a clever and whimsical idea that I haven’t seen before. I also love the Sew Gross Hand Warmers which come in three versions: a brain, and eyeball and a <yikes!> severed finger.

Although adorable, the Felted Fall Acorns feel a bit out of place. While every other project in the book uses flat sheets of felt, this calls for using wool roving and felting using the soap and water method.

Although the book is Halloween-based, many of the projects could be used throughout the year for those that like a goth side to their decor or for children playing dress up.

Visit for a sneak preview of the book. The authors have generously included three projects when you click on Look Inside: The Creepy Crawly Wreath; Candy Corn Bunting and the Wicked Sassy Fascinator.


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