Book Review: Smart Cookie

Smart Cookie Transform Store-Bought Cookies
Smart Cookie by Christi Farr Johnstone

As much as we would like to be Martha Stewart, Bakerella and the Pioneer Woman all rolled into one, most of us don’t always have the time (or the skills, or the money). Who hasn’t told a little white lie and passed off something made by Sara Lee or Pillsbury as their own? And lets face it, when it comes to cookies, for most of us the decorating part is more fun than the mixing, rolling, cutting, shaping and baking.

The book Smart Cookie:Transform Store-Bought Cookies into Amazing Treats is the answer to the busy person’s prayer. In her debut book, author Christi Farr Johnstone of the blog Love From the Oven shows how to take store-bought cookies and change them into something cute and customized. The majority of extra ingredients she calls for can be purchased at the supermarket or may even already be in your cupboard. The cookies used are popular brand names.

After the Welcome and Getting Started sections, Johnstone divides the book up into various themes: The Great Outdoors, (Falling Leaves, Adorable Acorns, Sweet Snowmen) Desserts in Disguise (cookies that look like other sweets), Happy Holidays, Celebrate Good Times, (weddings, graduations, etc.) Child’s Play (Mr. Robot, Pretty Princess Wands) and Cute Creatures (narwhals!). She doesn’t just feature cookies, but cookie pops and three dimensional creations as well.

wonderful wedding cakes cookies
Wonderful Wedding Cakes from ‘Smart Cookie.’

Projects vary in difficulty but the majority of them could be done by school-age children. The instructions are clear and photographs of each transformed cookie are included. All of the 50 projects are cute and creative but some may occasionally find certain flavor combinations (sugar cookies decorated with orange and red LifeSavers, marshmallows, pretzel sticks, Tootsie rolls, and icing) a bit too cloying.

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to create cookies that look impressive Smart Cookie is the perfect book for you.



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