About a Girl (and her Book Blog)

A Little Bit About Me & My Blog

Hello, and welcome to Pretty Girls Read Books, a place for those who like their non-fiction with a creative bent!

I live in the Midwest, am a librarian and marketer by day and do this blogging thing when I can find the time.

My goal for this blog is to review books, websites and independent shops pertaining to some of the things I’m passionate about–crafts, fashion, decor, cooking, celebrations and DIY.¬†Although book review, crafting and fashion blogs are all over the internet, I wanted to create a blog that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else–a blog that combined bits of all of these together.

Just to mix things up I may throw in an occasional recipe, detail a recent thrift store excursion, highlight some book-related gifts or artwork, tell you the craft items I can’t live without, gather some great DIY projects together, or babble about whatever pops into my head. You may also find the occasional post on my planner obsession, a listicle or even a holiday related article.

If you enjoy what I’m doing, I’d be delighted if you would follow me on Polyvore at pgrlsreadbooks, on Pinterest under Pretty Girls Read Books or on Twitter @PGrlsReadBooks

Thanks for joining me!

Your Pretty Girls Read Books Founder,


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